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14 months · Aurora

2nd USA and 1st Colorado ranking in the Lullapanda's contest which ended 19 days ago.
Prizes won: $700 + 1000 votes
3384 €

My name is Kylian Muggaga, and am 1year old health tall baby, I enjoy soccer, dancing and any active. Am always active in any corner of my life. Am an actor and I enjoy giving eye contact which comes with a smile always. Am a strong boy because mama is raising a man. I grab everything which comes my...



My profile
Eve K.
Eve K. Congs to Kylian🥰🥰
Raymond N.
Raymond N. Our man
Harriet L.
Harriet L. Congratulations Muggaga
Duncan K.
Duncan K. Ma GUY KLM 🫡❤️
Jacqueline G.
Jacqueline G. Congrats!!!
Julie Ann H.
Julie Ann H. Congratulations!!!!
Allan L.
Allan L. Kylian must win this one...
Eve K.
Eve K. 🥰🥰
Winnie S.
Winnie S. Congs Bby boy
Janat N.
Janat N. Congz to ma baby 🥰
Kylian M.
Kylian M. Congz my baby
Shabba J.
Shabba J. Iconic baby
Shabba J.
Shabba J. Colorado's Own
Flavia N.
Flavia N. Very handsome man 😍
Esther R.
Esther R. Love you KLM♥️
Allan L.
Allan L. Kylian is very handsome.
Alex K
Alex K Cutest G
Just K.
Just K. My winner
Helen N.
Helen N. cutest 😘