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15 months · Ashtabula

61st USA and 4th Ohio ranking in the Lullapanda's contest which ended a month ago.
Prize won: 1000 votes
83 €

Theresita is 1 year and one month loves pony rides playing with her sissy anything that makes sound and her puppies. She loves to dance. She dances her little heart out. She's smart as a whip talking galore and now walking. She's my little ray of sunshine very independent and deffinitly my little re...



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Aubreanna E.
Aubreanna E. Thank you Grandpa tommy for the 5000 votes!
Nathalie C.
Nathalie C. Mikado exchange sérious 10 votes/days, link please
Aubreanna E.
Aubreanna E. Thank You Autumn for the 1000 votes!!!!
Denise H.
Denise H. Good Luck Cutie!!!
Aubreanna E.
Aubreanna E. Thank you so much Denise for the 400 votes!