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3 months · Hillsdale

200th USA and 10th Michigan ranking in the Lullapanda's contest which ended 22 days ago.
Prize won: 150 votes

Atticus is such a cuddly and lovable baby, he’s a big mommas boy, he absolutely LOVES bath time. He loves tummy time, talking, cooing and watching Ms. Rachel! He’s so dang precious❤️



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Tammy W.
Tammy W. Sweet pea ♥️
Christine B.
Christine B. Elisio hello possible exchange ?
Ethel A.
Ethel A. Atticus Your a Handsome Lil Man. Be Blessed Always!
Richina M.
Richina M. He's perfect
Stacey M.
Stacey M. Sweet baby Atticus! ❤️