Head, Eyes, Human Body, Flash Photography, Eyewear, Black-and-white, Happy, Style, Black Hair, Chest, Fun, Thigh, Black & White, Human Leg, Foot, Monochrome, Art, Personal Protective Equipment, Toddler, Child, Person


5 months · Spokane

148th USA and 4th Washington ranking in the Lullapanda's contest which ended a month ago.
Prize won: 400 votes
11 €

The most handsome boy in my eyes with a beautiful smile , he’s getting so big already laughing when being tickled and trying to sit up



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Christine B.
Christine B. Hello possible exchange Elisio ?
Melissa T.
Melissa T. Kadence Williams I can do 10 a day
Melissa T.
Melissa T. Hello
Baylee A.
Baylee A. ? want too
Melissa T.
Melissa T. Do you want to exchange 10 a day?