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4 months · Litchfield

92nd USA and 3rd Illinois ranking in the Lullapanda's contest which ended a month ago.
Prize won: 1150 votes
55 €

His name is Liam Andrew Wells Denton. Liam is a handsome blondie with blue eyes and a smile that makes them cheeks look to die for. He is about 3 1/2 months old. Liam smiles all the time, likes to talk up a storm and make silly noises 24/7. He is the calmest baby there is and never fails to put a sm...



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Jeanny J.
Jeanny J. Cutest baby ever!!
Norma Jean L.
Norma Jean L. Them cheekers though 🥰😘
Tisha J.
Tisha J. Oh my goodness what a cutie!!