Water, Sky, Sleeve, Lake, Cloud, Smile, Happy, Recreation, Freezing, Windbreaker, Personal Protective Equipment, Sports Equipment, Wind Wave, Leisure, Landscape, Toddler, Fun, Winter, Ocean, Coast, Person, Joy


6 yo · Federal Way

3rd USA and 1st Washington ranking in the November's contest which ended a day ago.
Prizes won: $500 + 1000 votes
1522 €

Leo has the biggest heart! He absolutely adores the outdoors from the water and the adventures it brings to the new animals he can meet. Even though he is non verbal it doesn’t mean he can’t speak he has no problem showing you what he wants and is persistent until he knows he’s message was relayed t...



My profile
Sarah A.
Sarah A. Zachary Would like to exchange 10 daily. Please share link on my page if interested. Thank you 🤗
Cleisiane F.
Cleisiane F. Of course!
Sarah A.
Sarah A. Great. I will start. 🤗❤️
Sarah A.
Sarah A. Zachary 11/30 10 10/10 votes by SARAH A
Sarah A.
Sarah A. 12/1 +10
Sarah A.
Sarah A. Exchange closed. Thank you
Matilda C.
Matilda C. Bonjour je cherche à faire échange de vote pour Clément
Cleisiane F.
Cleisiane F. I’m sorry I don’t know how to do that I’m new to this
Matilda C.
Matilda C. Il suffit d’aller sur mon lient Clément et cliquet sur vote gratuit , une fois les 10 votes fait faut juste le noter sur mon murs avec mention Poste échange et vous mettez votre lient .
Matilda C.
Matilda C. C. Just go to my link Clément and click on free vote, once the 10 votes are done just write it down on my walls with mention Post exchange and you put your link.
Cleisiane F.
Cleisiane F. Ahh okay thank you so much for explaining! I’ll go ahead and do that 😊
Matilda C.
Matilda C. Ok les vote sera fait aujourd’hui ou ce soir
Matilda C.
Matilda C. +10 le 28/11 Clément
Matilda C.
Matilda C. +10 le 29/11 Clément
Cleisiane F.
Cleisiane F. Thank you for the votes no need to exchange the last ones it’s a gift! Good luck! 🍀
Matilda C.
Matilda C. +10 le 30/11 Clément
Mickael C.
Mickael C. +10 le 01/11 Clément
Maria S
Maria S Exchange +10 per day Haru ?🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀
Cleisiane F.
Cleisiane F. Yes of course! Good luck 🍀
Cleisiane F.
Cleisiane F. +10 on 29/11
Forehead, Nose, Cheek, Skin, Lip, Eyebrow, Eyes, Mouth, Eyelash, Ear, Gesture, Finger, Happy, Black Hair, Fun, Thumb, Nail, Child, Mobile Phone, Eating, Person
Forehead, Nose, Cheek, Lip, Eyebrow, Eyes, Mouth, Eyelash, Ear, Jaw, Beard, Gesture, Finger, Eyewear, Thumb, Happy, Fun, Moustache, Nail, Facial Hair, Person
Toy, Table, Engineering, Recreation, Sharing, Fun, Indoor Games And Sports, Play, Toy Vehicle, Plastic, Event, Room, Chair, Games, Lego, Child, Toddler, Door, T-shirt, Visual Arts, Person
Tableware, Mouth, Table, Gesture, Finger, Fun, Thumb, Desk, Sharing, Chair, T-shirt, Leisure, Nail, Child, Wrist, Elbow, Toddler, Play, Sitting, Room, Person
Joint, Arm, Gesture, Happy, Elbow, Black Hair, T-shirt, Fun, Leisure, Electric Blue, Sitting, Room, Child, Picture Frame, Chair, Person
Shoe, Sleeve, T-shirt, Sportswear, Retail, Bottle, Font, Wood, Bottle Cap, Box, Shipping Box, Carmine, Winery, Brand, Machine, Shelf, Shelving, Liquor Store, Personal Protective Equipment, Room
Toy, Fun, Indoor Games And Sports, Child, Recreation, Toddler, Engineering, Games, Sharing, Toy Vehicle, Play, Leisure, Room, Sitting, Learning, Plastic, T-shirt, Tabletop Game, Electronics, Person
Art, Engineering, Fun, Room, Machine, Recreation, Suit, T-shirt, Visual Arts, Electrical Wiring, Leisure, Person, Joy
Automotive Design, Tire, Wheel, Engineering, T-shirt, Machine, Vroom Vroom, Fun, Automotive Tire, Room, Art, Job, Recreation, Artist, Auto Part, Games, Automotive Wheel System, Electrical Wiring, Visual Arts, Person
Nose, Skin, Chin, Eyebrow, Eyes, Mouth, Comfort, Neck, Sleeve, Smile, Eyelash, Happy, Child, Elbow, Hat, Sitting, T-shirt, Linens, Toddler, Portrait Photography, Person, Joy
Fun, Engineering, Audio Equipment, Event, Electronic Engineering, Electrical Wiring, Computer Hardware, Circuit Component, Recreation, Machine, Room, Electronic Component, Games, Electrical Supply, Wire, Cable Management, Person, Joy
Table, Toy, Indoor Games And Sports, Lego, Engineering, Sharing, Fun, Recreation, Door, Creative Arts, Leisure, Tabletop Game, Plastic, Educational Toy, Toy Vehicle, Toy Block, Play, Toddler, Interlocking Block, Child, Person
Sky, Tree, Leisure, Recreation, Smile, City, Wood, Pole, Metal, Fun, Outdoor Play Equipment, Grass, Public Utility, Signage, Electricity, Playground, Person, Joy
Engineering, Building, Composite Material, Machine, Wood, Metal, Steel, Glass, Aluminium, Room, T-shirt, Symmetry, Handrail, Daylighting, Person, Joy
Water, Smile, Tree, Happy, Sky, Swimming Pool, People In Nature, Leisure, Electric Blue, Recreation, Grass, Fun, Reflection, Visual Arts, Eyewear, Person, Joy
Skin, Smile, Happy, Fun, Child, Youth, Toddler, Event, Thumb, Vacation, Leisure, Recreation, Room, Kindergarten, School, Nail, Person, Joy
Hair, Water, Smile, Eyes, Flash Photography, Lake, Happy, Outdoor Recreation, Sky, Leisure, Recreation, Wind Wave, People In Nature, Fun, Tree, Bathing, Child, Wave, Personal Protective Equipment, Person, Joy
Water, Smile, Leisure, Summer, Boats And Boating--equipment And Supplies, Comfort, Recreation, Fun, Happy, Grass, Lake, Travel, Hat, Personal Protective Equipment, Sun Hat, Tree, Water Transportation, Vacation, Boating, Wind, Person, Joy
Smile, Leaf, Botany, People In Nature, Yellow, Sunlight, Window, Tree, Happy, Grass, Leisure, Tints And Shades, Fun, Laugh, Child, Portrait Photography, Handrail, Person, Joy
Musical Instrument, Piano, Musical Keyboard, Keyboard, Digital Piano, Musical Instrument Accessory, Pianist, Electronic Musical Instrument, Organist, Jazz Pianist, Electric Piano, Keyboard Player, Electronic Keyboard, Musician, Electronic Instrument, Recital, Music, Composer, Spinet, T-shirt, Person
Cloud, Sky, Water, Flash Photography, Gesture, Happy, Travel, Ice Cap, Windbreaker, Jacket, Toddler, Freezing, Electric Blue, Horizon, Fun, Landscape, Winter, Beach, Leisure, Wind Wave, Person
Outerwear, Water, Sleeve, Happy, Flash Photography, Travel, Snow, Ice Cap, Freezing, Sky, Windbreaker, Recreation, Electric Blue, Fun, Landscape, Leisure, Sand, Wind Wave, Hood, Winter, Person, Joy
World, Sleeve, Leisure, Fun, Electric Blue, T-shirt, Window, Child, Elbow, Room, Person
Shorts, Sky, Smile, Blue, Hat, Leisure, Chute, Electric Blue, T-shirt, Fun, Recreation, Toddler, Outdoor Play Equipment, City, Shade, Automotive Exterior, Vroom Vroom, Vacation, Amusement Park, Person, Joy
Water, Azure, Plant, Hood, Leisure, Recreation, Automotive Exterior, Fun, Chute, Electric Blue, Vehicle Door, Tree, Bumper, Games, Wave, Windshield, Adventure, Boats And Boating--equipment And Supplies, Swimming Pool, Waterpark, Person, Joy
Water, Sky, Smile, Azure, Happy, Body Of Water, Boats And Boating--equipment And Supplies, Travel, Leisure, Toddler, Fun, Lake, Recreation, Personal Protective Equipment, Electric Blue, Landscape, Horizon, Ice Cap, Sitting, Ocean, Person, Joy
Clothing, Jeans, Hairstyle, Photograph, Smile, White, Leg, Human Body, Comfort, Wood, Leisure, Fun, Travel, Thigh, Tree, Stairs, T-shirt, Sitting, Person, Joy
Face, Water, Sky, Cloud, Eyes, Flash Photography, Happy, Smile, Plant, Lake, Leisure, Wind Wave, Toddler, Recreation, Landscape, Bathing, Tree, Personal Protective Equipment, Fun, Beach, Person, Joy, Headwear
Water, Plant, Daytime, World, Azure, Building, Sky, Line, Fun, Wall, Leisure, Ladder, Summer, Tree, Electric Blue, Recreation, Flower, Facade, House, Pole, Person, Joy
Skin, Smile, Happy, Gesture, Leisure, Chair, Fun, Friendship, Recreation, Thumb, Elbow, Event, Wrist, Child, Sitting, T-shirt, Room, Glove, Vacation, Nail, Person, Joy
Cloud, Water, Sky, Smile, Flash Photography, Sleeve, Happy, Gesture, Travel, Ice Cap, Leisure, Freezing, Electric Blue, Winter, Fun, Landscape, Recreation, Ocean, Sitting, Beach, Person, Joy
Nose, Cheek, Skin, Smile, Happy, Leisure, Toddler, Child, Chair, Fun, Thumb, Event, Sitting, Vacation, Laugh, Room, Recreation, Kindergarten, Person, Joy
Joint, Smile, Hand, Shoulder, Muscle, Blue, Comfort, Finger, Couch, Elbow, Happy, Fun, Trunk, Thigh, Lap, Chest, Leisure, Event, T-shirt, Abdomen, Person, Joy
Water, Sky, Cloud, Water Resources, People In Nature, Happy, Lake, Gesture, Outdoor Recreation, Boats And Boating--equipment And Supplies, Watercourse, Tree, Leisure, Fun, Recreation, T-shirt, Toddler, Sports, Reservoir, Wind Wave, Person, Joy
Sky, Water, Sleeve, Cloud, Flash Photography, Travel, Happy, Electric Blue, Landscape, Recreation, Leisure, Fun, Winter, Child, Ocean, Hoodie, Vacation, Tourism, Personal Protective Equipment, Freezing, Person
Joint, Smile, Shorts, Shoulder, Muscle, Gesture, Happy, Leisure, T-shirt, Recreation, Fun, Event, Child, Player, Grass, Sports, Sportswear, Competition Event, Vacation, Team Sport, Person, Joy
Happy, Leisure, Smile, Thigh, Fence, Wood, T-shirt, Sitting, Tree, Fun, Elbow, Human Leg, Shorts, Grass, Child, Handrail, Recreation, Portrait Photography, Person, Joy
Sky, Water, Cloud, Beach, Coastal And Oceanic Landforms, Travel, Happy, Lake, Tree, Leisure, Recreation, Landscape, Shore, People In Nature, Fun, Wind Wave, Coast, Horizon, Ocean, Sand, Person, Joy
Smile, T-shirt, Fun, Happy, Room, Child, Knee, Elbow, Cabinetry, Shelf, Sitting, Kitchen Appliance, Person, Joy
Shorts, Plant, Smile, Hood, Tree, Vroom Vroom, Automotive Tire, Leisure, Grass, Happy, Recreation, Automotive Design, Automotive Wheel System, Fun, T-shirt, Sports Equipment, Automotive Exterior, Landscape, Road, Bumper, Person, Joy
Plant, Wood, Tree, Twig, Elbow, Rope, Trunk, Blue-collar Worker, Wire, Metal, Electricity, Electrical Supply, Visual Arts, Net, T-shirt, Soil, Adventure, Person, Under Exposed
Nose, Joint, Skin, Lip, Smile, Eyebrow, Shoulder, Eyes, White, Eyelash, Mouth, Comfort, Neck, Jaw, Sleeve, Flash Photography, Cool, Black Hair, Happy, Elbow, Person, Joy
Water, Swimming Pool, Smile, Leisure, Toddler, Recreation, Bathing, Happy, Fun, Goggles, Electric Blue, Reflection, Personal Protective Equipment, Wave, Leisure Centre, Child, Winter, Room, Vacation, Person, Joy
Water, Smile, Outerwear, Flash Photography, Sleeve, Happy, Gesture, Sky, Travel, Leisure, People In Nature, Recreation, Beach, Wind Wave, Freezing, Personal Protective Equipment, Fun, Winter, Coast, Ocean, Person, Joy
Musical Instrument, Piano, Keyboard, Musical Instrument Accessory, Musical Keyboard, Electronic Musical Instrument, Electric Piano, Electronic Keyboard, Technology, Music, Digital Piano, Electronic Device, Keyboard Player, Event, Pianist, Synthesizer, Entertainment, T-shirt, Recital, Composer, Person, Under Exposed
Leg, Comfort, Smile, Wood, Leisure, Happy, Beauty, Toddler, Linens, Fun, Pattern, Room, Sitting, Human Leg, House, Plaid, Baby, Metal, Couch, Baby Products, Person, Joy
Water, Sky, Cloud, Azure, Shorts, Recreation, Tree, Leisure, Fun, Adventure, Rope, Extreme Sport, Sport Climbing, Wind Wave, Sports, Wave, Reflection, Water Feature, Lake, Vacation, Person
Plant, Tree, Wood, Public Space, Grass, Toddler, People, Leisure, Child, Recreation, Box, Sitting, Fun, Shipping Box, Travel, Soil, Play, Road Surface, City, Person
Footwear, Tree, Sleeve, Wheel, Asphalt, Tire, Public Space, Jacket, Leisure, Denim, Road, Electric Blue, Recreation, Travel, Road Surface, Street, Child, T-shirt, Car, Uniform, Person
Face, Cheek, Skin, Smile, Head, Outerwear, Eyes, Happy, Toddler, Cap, Child, Linens, Fun, Pattern, Tree, T-shirt, Fashion Accessory, Travel, Sitting, Laugh, Person, Joy, Headwear
Footwear, Tree, Gesture, Jacket, Asphalt, Leisure, Sneakers, Hat, Uniform, Toddler, Grass, Military Uniform, Denim, Electric Blue, Non-commissioned Officer, Military Person, Recreation, Child, Fun, Bag, Person, Joy
Smile, Sleeve, Gesture, Happy, Headgear, Hat, Baby & Toddler Clothing, Toddler, Electric Blue, Cap, Personal Protective Equipment, Denim, Fun, Costume, Fashion Accessory, Child, Sitting, Person, Headwear
Human Body, Textile, Thigh, Red, Comfort, Lap, Event, Fun, Pattern, Human Leg, Tradition, Carmine, Room, Christmas Eve, Fashion Design, Christmas, Holiday, Flesh, Furry friends, Happy, Person, Headwear
Nose, Smile, Chin, Flash Photography, Happy, Comfort, Electric Blue, Fun, Elbow, Child, Laugh, Eyewear, Portrait Photography, Person, Joy
Nose, Cheek, Lip, Facial Expression, Sleeve, Eyelash, Cap, Headgear, Cool, Toddler, Child, Knit Cap, Happy, Pattern, Fun, Baby, Electric Blue, Baby & Toddler Clothing, Tree, Fashion Accessory, Person, Headwear
Forehead, Nose, Cheek, Skin, Lip, Mouth, Eyelash, Ear, Human Body, Happy, Finger, Smile, Baby, Toddler, Chest, Comfort, Close-up, Fun, Child, Barechested, Person
Water, Smile, Swimming Pool, Happy, Outdoor Recreation, Headgear, Leisure, Fun, Recreation, Personal Protective Equipment, Child, Sports, Competition Event, Toddler, Bathing, Leisure Centre, Nonbuilding Structure, Games, Wave, Waterpark, Person, Joy
Nose, Skin, Head, Lip, Chin, Smile, Plant, Eyebrow, Shoulder, Eyes, People In Nature, Eyelash, Happy, Flash Photography, Sunlight, Grass, Tree, Cool, Black Hair, Leisure, Person, Joy
Nose, Joint, Skin, Arm, Shoulder, Eyelash, Neck, Sleeve, Flash Photography, Gesture, Happy, Elbow, Comfort, Black Hair, Wrist, Human Leg, Trunk, T-shirt, Sitting, Leisure, Person
Smile, Happy, People In Nature, Tree, Gesture, Finger, Grass, Fun, Cool, Leisure, Sky, Toddler, Summer, Travel, Electric Blue, Child, Recreation, T-shirt, Vacation, Play, Person, Joy
Smile, Yellow, Glove, Fun, Recreation, Leisure, Travel, Event, Automotive Tire, City, Hoodie, Metal, Costume, Personal Protective Equipment, Person, Joy
Nose, Lip, Hand, Smile, Window, Flash Photography, Gesture, Happy, Finger, Cool, Black Hair, Toddler, Automotive Design, Thumb, Fun, Travel, Eyewear, Windshield, Sitting, Vehicle Door, Person, Joy
Clothing, Face, Head, Smile, Eyes, Cap, Human Body, Sleeve, Workwear, Gesture, Hat, Happy, Baby & Toddler Clothing, Baby, Personal Protective Equipment, Toddler, Glove, Electric Blue, Uniform, Fashion Accessory, Person, Joy, Headwear
Water, Sky, Sleeve, Lake, Cloud, Smile, Happy, Recreation, Freezing, Windbreaker, Personal Protective Equipment, Sports Equipment, Wind Wave, Leisure, Landscape, Toddler, Fun, Winter, Ocean, Coast, Person, Joy