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2 yo 8 months · Teaberry

509th USA and 10th Kentucky ranking in the October's contest which ended 19 days ago.

She is one of a kind. She loves to sing her fav.. song is (girl on fire). She is always smiling. She loves cocomelon She loves to play outside in the dirt And she says (she loves her mamaw linda!!)



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Leelee B.
Leelee B. Wanna do 10 votes a day for each other ? 🌺🎉❤️🎊💚⭐️🍾☘️🤗🥹😘😍🐶🦋🐾 Stella please leave a comment on my page so that I can keep track also with your link at least one time so that I can just click it and vote for you
Melanie B.
Melanie B. She's such a doll ❤️