Mirror, Hand, Arm, Photograph, Vehicle, Automotive Side-view Mirror, Car, Light, Vroom Vroom, Automotive Mirror, Gesture, Automotive Lighting, Eyewear, Automotive Exterior, Vehicle Door, Hat, Rear-view Mirror, Automotive Design, Cap, Auto Part, Person, Headwear


7 months · Ocala

64th USA and 7th Florida ranking in the October's contest which ended 23 days ago.
Prize won: $150
153 €

Keilani is such a happy baby and loves to be around people and have all the attention. She is learning her toes and fingers as well as sitting up . We do vote exchanges ! ! Just message and lmk if you would like to .



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Ashleigh R.
Ashleigh R. Would you like to exchange votes with Alanni
Deanna T.
Deanna T. Yes of course if still available
Ashleigh R.
Ashleigh R. Sure.. start today?
Kashawnda R.
Kashawnda R. My lil princess sooo pretty 😘🥰
Khailah C.
Khailah C. 1000 votes for this beautiful soul ❤️☀️
Ezekiel L.
Ezekiel L. A Blessing
Quantrell L.
Quantrell L. She’s so beautiful I love her 💕🫶🏾