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6 months · New York

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Auggie was a donor conceived baby that is so loved by his friends, family, and two moms. He was a miracle baby after two consistent years of trying for him. August loves spending time with his mommies, laughing and smiling with his dog siblings! his prize money will go toward his future college fund...



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Gabby R.
Gabby R. He’s so cute. Congratulations mama
Kimstorms thank you!
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Melissa B. He is such a handsome boy!! Congratulations to you mommies!! 💗☀️💗☀️💗☀️💗☀️🥰💗🥰💗
Kimstorms thank you so much!! 🫶🏻
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Betsy C. Sweet little boy..
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Anna M. 💖💖💖
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Linda S. You couldnt be any cuter Auggie.
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Martha R Your auntie and uncle love you auggie!!