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17 months Β· Addison

29th USA and 5th Pennsylvania ranking in the November's contest which ended 5 months ago.
Prize won: $200
395 €

Hudson can light up any room with his infectious smile! He is always the happiest person in the room. He loves to eat, take tractor rides with Daddy and his Pappys, snuggle with his mommy, play with his cousin Olivia, hang with his Nana, Grammy and Auntie Meg, and talk tractors with Uncle Ty and Un...



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Aaliyah H
Aaliyah H he’s super cute. are you willing to exchange ?
Vanessa P.
Vanessa P. hello interesed in an exchange with clara we can do up to 50 votes per day Clara
Shonda S.
Shonda S. would you like to exchange votes with Deja πŸ’• 10 or 20 daily, let me know on my wall please β€οΈπŸ’œπŸ’•
Annamae R.
Annamae R. He really is such a CUTIE!!!! πŸ’™
Chelsea H.
Chelsea H. Thank you so much!
Annamae R.
Annamae R. You r very welcome! GO HUDSON!!
Wanda T.
Wanda T. Cutie pie