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12 months · Millington

61st USA and 4th Michigan ranking in the October's contest which ended 5 months ago.
Prize won: $150
272 €

Noah loves to laugh and chase his dogs in his walker all around the house. Noah is 7 months old and already such a busy boy. He loves to eat, drink water and of course milk! Noahs favorite thing to do besides run in his walker is watch ms rachel while he is playing ! If he could go thru the tv to ge...



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Nichole S
Nichole S I've been voting everyday for his cuteness!! 🤍
Marina E.
Marina E. I know ive seen ya on here! thank you so much nichole!!!!
Marina E.
Marina E. Thank you wonderful friends and family for voting this is so sweet 💙
Kayla M.
Kayla M. Noah is the perfect baby boy! And his chunks are the best.
Melissa A.
Melissa A. He is sooooo handsome!! He also has his mamas beautiful eyes!
Marina E.
Marina E. Thank youuu love💙💙💙
Lynette G.
Lynette G. Love this Sweet baby boy! His smile lights up a room and my heart!!
Chris F.
Chris F. Noah your doing it Grandma knew you could but we need first love you
Kendra L.
Kendra L. Most handsome man
Marina E.
Marina E. Love you baby!
Chris F.
Chris F. Noah you are the best
Marina E.
Marina E. I think the more comments the more votes too
Lori W.
Lori W. He is absolutely Adorable!!!