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18 months · Macungie

Contest over
359th USA and 21st Pennsylvania ranking in the November's contest which ended 4 months ago.

Aubrey is the sweetest, and silliest little wild girl. She melts hearts on the daily 💜



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Val hello, would you be interested in an exchange with Je N'Ai Pas De Préno...
Tommy Wanna trade Andy Nunez
Summer P.
Summer P. Omg 😍😍😍
Christina D
Christina D Hi would you like to exchange 10 votes a day please let me know on my wall thanks Jada
Shaty B.
Shaty B.
Shaty B. Hello, I'm looking for exchanges for my daughter. I can make 10 votes a day or more.
Marisol Hi wanna trade votes
Liz B.
Liz B. Yes
Marisol Ok I’ll start tomorrow with 10 daily 😊😊 what a cute baby
Liz B.
Liz B. Thank you!!