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14 months · Auburn

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41st USA and 1st Washington ranking in the September's contest which ended 4 days ago.
Prizes won: $200 + 1000 votes
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Linda is the youngest of 5 children. She so loving yet a spitfire at the same time, loves to be outdoors and playing with her siblings, food is her best friend and she loves to dance and listen to music.



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Ron V.
Ron V. What a cutie! Let’s exchange 10 votes each day Shwaggy D !!!!!!
Julie J.
Julie J. Voted!!
Ron V.
Ron V. Ha ok you wanna exchange 10 a day then?
Rong V.
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Ron V.
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Rong V.
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Rong V.
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Rong V.
Rong V. 10/2 + 10
Ron V.
Ron V. Push the vote button lol
Rong V.
Rong V. Well, let me know if you’re able to get 10 in.
Ron V.
Ron V. I did today derr
Ron V.
Ron V. It’s posted. Check you who voted
Rong V.
Rong V. Vote back please it’s easy!
Sabina M.
Sabina M. Maria Hello will you be interested in voting exchanges or advance votes please thank you very much
Sly C.
Sly C. Hi exchange votes? How much daily? Shaïna
Jolene Timeless
Jolene Timeless Hello do you want serious exchange ? Kos
Christina D
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Julie J.
Julie J. I can do that
Angel R.
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