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3 months · Middletown Township

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Hi! My name is Daniel Thomas. I am 2 months old. I love toys, tummy time and talking to my mom even though I can't speak words yet . I have a pembroke welsh corgi dog who loves me. ❤️ I am a good baby. I SMILE A LOT AS SOON AS I WAKE UP IN THE MORNING AND SEE MY MOM'S FACE. 🙂 Hope you guys vote ...



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Allyson S.
Allyson S. Vote for mine I’ll vote for yours!:)
Cherie T
Cherie T Yes sure!
Allyson S.
Allyson S. He is so precious
Allyson S.
Allyson S. What a cutie. I will keep voting!!
Cherie T
Cherie T Thank you 😊.
Allyson S.
Allyson S. You can vote for yours 10 times a day and then it allows you to vote for others. Keep voting for mine and I will vote for your s