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2 yo 1 Month · Chicago

348th USA and 8th Illinois ranking in the September's contest which ended 8 months ago.

My’Lani the Bougie 🤑 Baby 💖The little girl that loves dinosaurs 🦖 and cars 🚘



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Babygurl hi would you like to help my baby get some votes? i can vote for your baby 10votes/day??
Lacey T.
Lacey T. Hi would you like to exchange with Cooper
Myaa N.
Myaa N. yes
Marisol Hi wanna exchange votes Marely
Myaa N.
Myaa N. Yes!
Marisol Started already
Ashlyn A.
Ashlyn A. Hi! My name is shaymin 🐶 I’m currently trying to collect as much votes as I can so my momma can use the winnings to get our newest foster his leg amputated ! Some mean guy came up and kicked him resulting in a very bad fracture high up and he now need it removed. He’s just a baby At only 3 months old. We will try to return votes as we can. Thank you for helping us 🐾 ONLY HOURS LEFT!! Shaymin
Jacqueline C.
Jacqueline C. What a QTee!!!
Tiffany M.
Tiffany M. Lil Ms Burberry
Tiffany M.
Tiffany M. She is so Beautiful 😍