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3 months · Valley Head

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This blue eyed, Appalachian boy has been eager to take on the world since day one! At just 3 months he’s already trying with all his might to pull himself about and attempting to figure out how to get around on his own. He’s ready to go, go, go!! His favorite things are peek-a-boo, car rides, bath t...



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Lacey T.
Lacey T. Would you like to exchange 20 or 30? With Kamdyn
Tamesha D.
Tamesha D. Awe he’s so adorable!!
Tamesha D.
Tamesha D. Voted for your little cutie.
Makayla C.
Makayla C. Voted - vote Jazzy ❤️
Katelynn C.
Katelynn C. Voted 💕
Tiffany J.
Tiffany J. I just had to stop by and say that your little one is so adorable I absolutely love his photos
Katelynn C.
Katelynn C. Thank you so much! 💕
Tina H.
Tina H. You're most welcome your little one is so adorable thank you for voting for my little one ❤️💖