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10 months · Lake Worth

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Kim K.
Hailey Swartz
Jenny E.
Michele K.
Bethany C.

Lilly loves to play peek a boo, it's one of her favorites. Lilly is so happy and full of joy, she thrives on making people laugh, because in return of seeing your smile she smiles! Lilly loves to play with her stuffed talking elephants. She's obsessed with elephants 🐘 she loves the splash pad also ...



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Tishanna M.
Tishanna M. ❤️❤️❤️
Jenny E.
Jenny E. My ❤️
Jenny E.
Jenny E. My sweet grandbaby. I love so much❤️🤟
Hailey Swartz
Hailey Swartz Lilly is loving all the attention I keep showing her how many people have voted for her and she just keeps smiling 🥲
Hailey Swartz
Hailey Swartz Thank you 💕
Sandra T.
Sandra T. What a beauty 😍