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10 months · Lake Worth

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Jarrett Jr AKA JJ just turned 10 months old! He’s a big boy! And the sweetest but funniest little boy you’d ever meet!! His laugh is contagious! We are trying to win some money to go towards his 1st birthday in september !! We will also do votes for votes !!



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Alexis D.
Alexis D. Would you like to exchange votes? Amairus
Lacey T.
Lacey T. Would you like to exchange votes? Kamdyn
Chelsea L.
Chelsea L. how many?
Lacey T.
Lacey T. I was able to get 20 by the hardest I’m maxed out so I made sure I got you at least your 20. Sally H/Marie Jane H/Marie T if you want we could do 10 from here out or we call it even after tonight. I do apologize.
Chelsea L.
Chelsea L. we can do that!
Kayla E.
Kayla E. Cera Marie Vote for votes???
Chelsea L.
Chelsea L. yes!
Kayla E.
Kayla E. Ok how many can you do daily
Chelsea L.
Chelsea L. 150?
Brigette Jo Dean
Brigette Jo Dean Hello im in a completely different contest little miss beauty. I have 4 days left if you would like to exchange 10 votes daily. I will keep voting for you after my conest is over ill give you a week worth so 70 total for your 40 over the next 4 days Bayleigh May
Katelynn C.
Katelynn C. So cute! Vote for vote, please? 💕
Chelsea L.
Chelsea L. sure will!
Katelynn C.
Katelynn C. Thank you!
Callen P.
Callen P. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Hailey Swartz
Hailey Swartz All of his pics are too cute Chelsea!