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Chenoa Grey

7 months · Fayetteville

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Chenoa Grey is our precious little girl... She is 7months 2day❣️ Her name is NATIVE AMERICAN and the meaning is Dove. She loves to watch the TV show Bluey. She has three brothers and 10 Big cousins. As you can see with her ½ Birthday cake she loves to eat. She love the water, her blankie & snugglin...



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David Chief
Niki N.
Niki N. Not only is she precious. She’s calm and thoughtful. You can tell she has an old soul❤️
Anita Nicole J.
Anita Nicole J. Thank You Nana❣️
Bonnie B. L.
Bonnie B. L. Isn't she the prettiest you have seen lately💗
Anita Nicole J.
Anita Nicole J. Chenoa Grey is about to turn 7months old 2morro❣️🥰😍🎂🎉
Anita Nicole J.
Anita Nicole J. We Love Chenoa Grey so much❣️👻🎃