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Justin Jr.

10 months · Rochester

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Hello! My name is Justin Jr. but my Nick name is JT. I have Down syndrome. Trisomy 21 to be exact! My mommy says I am the sweetest boy ever and oh! I love Elmo! ❣️



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Océane B.
Océane B. I'm advancing votes, are you interested? They will be due when Swanah 🎀 will be in competition again, I think no more November or December, the date will be defined later 😊 Can I suggest 200, 300 or 400 votes? Thanks in advance Ps: answer me, on my wall
Kendra L.
Kendra L. What a sweet boy you have 💙🤍❤
Kendra L.
Kendra L. from ☆☆ Zaidyn
Courtney H.
Courtney H. Thank you! ❤️
Chrissy S.
Chrissy S. Love you guys!❤💙
Adam S.
Adam S. we love you JT!!
Val A.
Val A. Our Little Dude!! ❤❤❤
Dayla B.
Dayla B. Awee♥️👼👣
Dayla B.
Dayla B. 🎀👱‍♀️Savannah May
Dayla B.
Dayla B. LIKED👍 39👍
Dayla B.
Dayla B. Vote?
Dayla B.
Dayla B. 🧩👼🧩Until all the Pieces of the Puzzle Fit 🙏👼👣💪XO