Azino - Child Photo Contest
Face, Footwear, Smile, Joint, Skin, Head, Hand, Shoe, Arm, Eyes, Tartan, Textile, Sleeve, Baby & Toddler Clothing, Standing, Gesture, Baby, Collar, Finger, Sneakers, Person


7 months · Tampa

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Lashawna K.
Tatianna K. K.
Britni S.
Steve C.

Mr.Azino has definitely found his voice , loves to giggle , already pulling him self straight up and trying to walk . He loves food this baby can eat .



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Tatianna K. K.
Tatianna K. K. Let’s keep voting for the cutie 🥰
Lashawna K.
Lashawna K. My sweetheart 💕 Nani love's you to the moon and beyond!