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5 months · Randallstown

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I love to smile and laugh! I love to play with mommy and daddy! My pink turtle is my favorite toy to teeth on 😊



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Christine K.
Christine K. Hello, we are competing with a dog in France, if you would like to swap with us, please put your link on our page and indicate how many you would like to swap daily. Many Thanks ! Dyna Team solidarité 🇩🇪 ly Lilly 💖👼💖 Loocki 💖🐶💖 Styl 💖🐹💖
Virgipso P.
Virgipso P. Hello do you want an advance of votes to be returned in June/ July for Pandor If you agree, how many votes do you want ? Thanks for your answer
Kianna S.
Kianna S. 150? I don’t want you to advance that much!
Virgipso P.
Virgipso P. I did not understand...i'm french !so If i understand correctly,you agree to advance 150 votes ?
Virgipso P.
Virgipso P. +10=20
Elo B.
Elo B. 50
Elo B.
Elo B. 70
Virgmax P.
Virgmax P. +10=110
Virgipso P.
Virgipso P. +10=120
Elo B.
Elo B. 125/150
Eloïse L.
Eloïse L. 130/150
Virgmax P.
Virgmax P. +5= 135/150
Virgipso P.
Virgipso P. +5=140/150
Gwendolyne T.
Gwendolyne T. 150/150😉