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2 months · Minneota

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she such a happy baby. shes 2 months and loves talking , chewing on her fingers, kicking. she my little dress up doll i love playing dress up with her. shes the greatest blessing and im so greatful for her.. thank you to everyone who voted for my sweet little princess p



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Christine K.
Christine K. Hello, we start in France on April 1st. If you want to swap with us, please put your link on our page and say how many you want to swap daily. Thank-you ! Dyna Team solidarité 🇫🇷 🇩🇪 Lilly 💖👼💖 Loocki 💖🐶💖 Styl 💖🐹💖
Jericca B. D.
Jericca B. D. she is a babydoll i always admire her cute pics #ALLLOVE