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23 months · Pahrump

77th USA and 2nd Nevada ranking in the September's contest which ended a month ago.
Prize won: 1400 votes
162 €

Neekolis Royal is 21 months & so full of life, he is a very happy boy. He loves the outdoors and all animals. His favorite show is coco melon and word party, which he likes to sing and dance along. Not to often will you catch this handsome little man without a smile. He’s blowing kisses in thanks fo...



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Brittney J.
Brittney J. Such a stud so freaking handsome neeko gunna take the gold ❤💯
Loona V.
Loona V.
Loona V. And you ?
Horst K.
Horst K. Hello, we will make votes in advance 🙂 We will start in 3 weeks (1 th of April) If you would like votes in advance, please come to the page, set your link and let us know how many you will do in advance allowed 🙂 Dyna Team solidarité 🇫🇷 🇩🇪 Lilly 💖👼💖 Loocki 💖🐶💖 Styl 💖🐹💖 Please come only if you are a honestly person 🙂
Julien B.
Julien B. Hello, whould you to exchange with Marylou ? 10 or 20?😉
Julien B.
Julien B. How many?
Brittany W.
Brittany W. It isn’t letting me vote for marylou
Julios B.
Julios B. +10 votes kdos
Nature H. F.
Nature H. F. Go Neekolis 👍
Loona V.
Loona V. +10Loona
Brittany W.
Brittany W. Your not registered
Patricia W.
Patricia W. He is so cute🥰🥰🥰 such a handsome prince 👑
Nathalie Zgajnar
Nathalie Zgajnar bonjour mathea recherche échange de 10 votes par jour Mathéa
Loona V.
Loona V. +10Loona
Loona V.
Loona V. Échange de votes 10, 10 ?Loona
Brittany W.
Brittany W. Sure
Loona V.
Loona V. Ok 10Loona
Annette O.
Annette O. Prince Charming! I love him!!❤❤
Amy C.
Amy C. He is just so adorable. I just want to cuddle with him lol. Good luck
Katrina B.
Katrina B. He's just such a cute prince
Barbara Kyle T.
Barbara Kyle T. such a cutie
Janine M.
Janine M. He's a total cutie!! Good luck lil man!!
Julie M.
Julie M. He deserves to win! What a hamdsome lil guy!