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8 months · Mishawaka

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Precious baby “KaderTot”, born 02-29-2020 is a leap year baby! His most complimented features are of course, his chubby cheeks, big blue eyes, and his adorable little smile. His personality and sense of humor are so special I can’t even put them into words. Kade keeps everyone close to him laughing...



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Child, Toddler, Yellow, Play, Fun, World, Person
Child, Skin, Baby, Toddler, Cheek, Cool, Forehead, Smile, Happy, T-shirt, Ear, Person
Child, Toddler, Play, Fun, Happy, Smile, World, Person
Fun, Child, Textile, Toddler, Play, Person
Child, Toddler, Play, Fun, Textile, Happy, Smile, Person
Child, Toddler, Fun, Sitting, Baby, Play, Person, Headwear
Child, Toddler, Play, Fun, Happy, Party Supply, Toy, Smile, Person
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Child, Face, Baby, Head, Toddler, Nose, Eyes, Cheek, Baby Products, Baby Carriage, Fun, Sleep, Nap, Vacation, Ear, Person
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Child, Baby, Toddler, T-shirt, Person, Joy
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