Tree, Child, Person, Joy


3 yo · Presque Isle

2779th USA and 38th Maine ranking in the November’s contest which ended a month ago.



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Child, Face, People, Toddler, Head, Pink, Smile, T-shirt, Design, Sleeve, Outerwear, Pattern, Footwear, Leggings, Hair Accessory, Happy, Fashion Accessory, Headband, Play, Person, Joy
Tree, Branch, Botany, Leaf, Plant, Grass, Adaptation, Plant Community, Photography, Forest, Jungle, Vacation, Smile, Flower, Rainforest, Child, Person, Joy
Child, Face, Cheek, Toddler, Skin, Baby, Head, Cool, Nose, Forehead, Lip, Eyes, Mouth, Hair Accessory, Iris, Finger, Smile, Play
People In Nature, Child, Pink, Grass, Water, Smile, Bank, Outerwear, Vacation, Tree, Play, Pond, Plant, Happy, Lake, River, Recreation, Leisure, Toddler, Jacket, Person, Joy
Blue, Green, Leisure, Water, Turquoise, Fun, Recreation, Swimming Pool, Summer, Waterpark, Vacation, Reflection, Person, Joy
Pink, Child, Sitting, Fun, Footwear, Smile, Photography, Toddler, Happy, Fawn, Shoe, Person, Joy, Headwear
Child, Person, Joy
Tree, Pumpkin, Child, Adaptation, Plant, Toddler, Person, Joy
Head, Arm, Fun, Child, Leg, Mouth, Selfie, Ear, Happy, Smile, Toddler, Person, Grumpy, Headwear
Tree, Child, Person, Joy