Child, Face, Grass, Photograph, People, Toddler, Skin, Baby, Green, Head, Yellow, Cheek, Eyes, Lawn, Smile, Summer, Spring, Photography, Happy, Person, Joy


11 months · Newark

2374th USA and 109th Ohio ranking in the September’s contest which ended 16 days ago.

Ace is the sweetest most loving baby, you rarely see him not smiling. He loves dinosaurs and loves to dance along to his Cocomelon show.🥰 Please vote for Ace!!



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Lyndsi P.
Lyndsi P. Sweetest, most loving baby. Absolutely adorable
Judith H.
Judith H. voted for sweet baby Ace! He is so adorable and you are such a great mom! I will go back and keep voting for him! Love, Judie
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Child, Face, Grass, Photograph, People, Toddler, Skin, Baby, Green, Head, Yellow, Cheek, Eyes, Lawn, Smile, Summer, Spring, Photography, Happy, Person, Joy