Child, Hair, Face, Grass, Skin, Toddler, Head, Hairstyle, Pink, Baby, Cheek, Summer, Sitting, Baby & Toddler Clothing, Smile, Child Model, Pattern, Plant, Play, Happy, Person, Joy

Emma Jaymes

2 yo 1 Month · Los Angeles

210th USA and 10th California ranking in the September’s contest which ended 3 months ago.

Emma is mixed with Caucasian and African American and is an extremely happy baby. She is almost always smiling. She absolutely loves Mickey Mouse. Eating grapes. Counting. ABCs. Shapes. Musical Instruments. Swim Classes. Bubble Baths. Books. Helping Mommy cook breakfast and crack eggs. Vote for Emmy...



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Child, Toddler, Skin, Standing, Pink, Child Model, Pattern, Smile, Baby, Person, Joy
Child, Toddler, Standing, Skin, Shoulder, Leg, Baby, Joint, Fun, Play, Shorts, Shoe, Human Leg, Sleeve, T-shirt, Person, Joy
People In Nature, Child, Toddler, Grass, Meadow, Plant, Wildflower, Flower, Play, Person
People In Nature, Child, Wildflower, Plant, Flower, Meadow, Happy, Toddler, Vacation, Grassland, Person
Child, Toddler, Play, Summer, Fun, Smile, Happy, Leisure, Vacation, Baby, Recreation, Person, Joy
Child, Toddler, Play, Smile, Person, Joy
Child, Toddler, Pink, Ear, Play, Dress, Leisure, Hair Accessory, Happy, Smile, Person
Child, Fun, Toddler, Play, Leisure, Summer, Vacation, Water, Recreation, Games, Inflatable, Baby, Smile, Park, Waterpark, Nonbuilding Structure, Person, Joy
Eyewear, Child, White, Toddler, Sunglasses, Cool, Glasses, Footwear, Baby, Vision Care, Shoe, Sleeve, Fashion Accessory, Person, Joy
Eyewear, White, Child, Sunglasses, Shoulder, Toddler, Footwear, Glasses, Cool, Shoe, Leg, Vacation, Summer, Fun, Vision Care, Photography, Shorts, Person, Joy
Child, Water, Toddler, Fun, Play, Leisure, Summer, Baby, Recreation, Smile, Vacation, Inflatable, Park, Games, Waterpark, Person
Child, Toddler, Leg, Baby & Toddler Clothing, Baby, Human Leg, Play, Thigh, Person
Child, Toddler, Cheek, Baby, Leg, Baby & Toddler Clothing, Thigh, Smile, Person
Child, Toddler, Standing, Skin, Shoulder, Arm, Joint, Leg, Baby, Photography, Shoe, Sportswear, Play, T-shirt, Person, Joy
Child, Water, Fun, Leisure, Vacation, Summer, Toddler, Waterpark, Recreation, Play, Park, Swimming Pool, Smile, Amusement Park, Happy, Nonbuilding Structure, Games, Person
Child, Toddler, Turquoise, Play, Child Model, Dress, Fun, Costume, Smile, Happy, Baby, Hair Accessory, Leisure, Headband, Person
Child, Blue, Purple, Toddler, Clothing, Violet, Standing, Arm, Shoulder, Sleeve, Joint, Electric Blue, Dress, T-shirt, Baby, Child Model, Sportswear, Play, Smile, Person, Joy
Child, Head, Skin, Toddler, Bathtub, Bathing, Room, Smile, Baby, Happy, Person, Joy
Eyewear, White, Sunglasses, Child, Cool, Footwear, Standing, Glasses, Toddler, Shoe, Shorts, Vision Care, Vacation, Smile, T-shirt, Person, Joy
Child, White, Pink, Skin, Toddler, Standing, Shoulder, Dress, Footwear, Joint, Smile, Leg, Shoe, Play, Pattern, Vacation, Baby, Person
Child, Hair, Grass, Skin, Toddler, Head, Pink, Hairstyle, Beauty, Sitting, Baby, Smile, Child Model, Summer, Baby & Toddler Clothing, Plant, Play, Person, Joy
Face, Child, Facial Expression, People, Leg, Head, Toddler, Skin, Beauty, Sitting, Hairstyle, Smile, Arm, Footwear, Shoulder, Eyes, Shoe, Joint, Human Leg, Vacation, Person, Joy
Child, Hair, Face, Grass, Skin, Toddler, Head, Hairstyle, Pink, Baby, Cheek, Summer, Sitting, Baby & Toddler Clothing, Smile, Child Model, Pattern, Plant, Play, Happy, Person, Joy