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2 yo 9 months · Great Falls

1266th USA and 8th Montana ranking in the November's contest which ended 2 years ago.

Miracle is a sweet baby who loves bathtime, babbling and cooing away. She's always serving us with all the different looks and her facial expressions are just too funny. Little Miss is obsessed with Kane Brown any one of his songs just calms her right down. Miracle is the light of her parents life a...



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Leone S.
Leone S. You got this Miracle 💚🧡💓❤️
Brenda D.
Brenda D. Hi im going to vote for john david
Angela Beken
Angela Beken Would you like to trade votes 10.for 10
Vanessa L.
Vanessa L. Yeah ill start tomorrow!
Takira K.
Takira K. Felix Would you like to exchange votes?
Michael B.
Michael B. My baby girl is so cute