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Water, Tree, Reflection, Sunlight, Space, Person


16 months · Nahunta


Jaxson is a heart stealer with his beautiful blue eyes tht just draw u in and his beautiful smile he loves giving kissss and enjoys riding in his new truck he git for his 1st birthday hes a smart amazing lil boy and u should vote for Jaxson because hes Jaxson and beauty is in the eyes of the beholde...



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Annette M.
Annette M. il est vraiment très beau 😻June
Annette M.
Annette M. échange??June
Annette M.
Annette M. 10 par jour ?😻
Kirstie J.
Kirstie J. Come on people lets do this tl
Kirstie J.
Kirstie J. Jaxson says ty everyone if he wins the 5,000 he will donate 1,000 to fight cancer
Tamara B.
Tamara B. Handsome little man
Kirstie J.
Kirstie J. Ty
Mariel B.
Mariel B. Mia
Mariel B.
Mariel B. Would u like to exchange votes?
Annie G.
Annie G. Vote Trade please! 10/10 i'm starting yours now😍
Annie G.
Annie G. Are you giving back? I dont see you!
Courtney R.
Courtney R. Cutie! Votes for votes?😊
Kirstie J.
Kirstie J. Would love to trade votes
Kirstie J.
Kirstie J. I love you son to the world u may be just another boy but to me ur my complete world...
Eyewear, Cool, Cartoon, Glasses, Sunglasses, Nose, Skin, Selfie, Forehead, Lip, Vision Care, Illustration, Smile, Photography, Space, Child, Animation, Fictional Character, Black Hair, Art, Person
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People In Nature, Beauty, Tree, Sunlight, Fun, Grass, Photography, Plant, Leisure, Person, Headwear
Water, Person
People In Nature, Water, Reflection, Tree, Sunlight, Watercourse, Plant
Tree, Water, Reflection, Fun, Plant, Sunlight, Recreation, Soil, Adventure, Person, Headwear
Water, Tree, Reflection, Sunlight, Space, Person
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Child, Car Seat, Toddler, Baby Products, Baby In Car Seat, Person
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