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2 yo 2 months · Hickory

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3845th USA and 115th North Carolina ranking in the September's contest which ended 2 years ago.

Hello, my name is Raeven! I’m two weeks old and I have such a happy personality and put a smile on everyone’s face when they see me!



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Child, Fun, Photography, Toddler, Illustration, Person, Joy, Headwear
Child, Baby, Skin, Toddler, Birth, Sleep, Headgear, Textile, Photography, Baby Sleeping, Linens, Comfort, Bedding, Bedtime, Hair Accessory, Nap, Person, Headwear
Photograph, People, Child, Nose, Cheek, Photography, Interaction, Love, Ear, Mouth, Hand, Toddler, Smile, Gesture, Photo Caption, Happy, Baby, Person, Headwear
Child, Baby, Skin, Toddler, Baby Sleeping, Sleep, Headgear, Hand, Birth, Hair Accessory, Person, Headwear
Child, Face, Baby, Skin, Cheek, Nose, Head, Close-up, Mouth, Muscle, Finger, Hand, Neck, Chest, Thumb, Stomach, Nail, Person
Child, Baby, Toddler, Hair Accessory, Headgear, Headband, Photography, Fashion Accessory, Baby Sleeping, Baby & Toddler Clothing, Person, Surprise
Child, Toddler, Fun, Baby, Sitting, Play, Person
Child, Toddler, Fun, Baby, Leg, Person, Headwear
Child, Baby, Bedtime, Baby Sleeping, Nap, Birth, Toddler, Sleep, Comfort, Room, Furniture, Person
Child, Baby, Toddler, Birth, Eyes, Hand, Sleep, Textile, Baby Sleeping, Bedtime, Linens, Love, Person
Child, Baby, Toddler, Skin, Head, Cheek, Eyes, Finger, Sitting, Thumb, Nail, Person, Headwear
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Child, Leg, Toddler, Sitting, Thigh, Baby, Finger, Muscle, Abdomen, Human Leg, Thumb, Trunk, Person
Child, Baby, Pink, Toddler, Pattern, Textile, Baby & Toddler Clothing, Dress, Peach, Hair Accessory, Person
Ear, Skin, Child, Rabbit, Easter Bunny, Rabbits And Hares, Toddler, Baby, Fawn, Person, Joy
Child, Baby, Skin, Toddler, Beauty, Baby & Toddler Clothing, Leg, Headgear, Sleeve, Sitting, Vacation, T-shirt, Person, Headwear
Child, Baby, Fun, Toddler, Black Hair, Person, Joy, Headwear
Child, Toddler, Skin, Baby, Cheek, Sitting, Baby & Toddler Clothing, Dress, Smile, Toy, Sleeve, Person
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Child, Baby, Finger, Leg, Mouth, Photography, Selfie, Birth, Abdomen, Person
Child, Skin, Pink, Baby, Eyes, Linens, Textile, Headgear, Toddler, Smile, Wool, Person, Headwear
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Pink, Child, Textile, Baby, Linens, Toy, Art, Person
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Child, Toddler, Baby & Toddler Clothing, Thigh, Cheek, Leg, Baby, Trunk, Abdomen, Person, Headwear
Child, Nose, Cheek, Cat, Ear, Interaction, Felidae, Nap, Sleep, Birth, Small To Medium-sized Cats, Baby, Toddler, Play, Bedtime, Person
Child, Interaction, Nap, Sleep, Furry friends, Hug, Person
Child, Baby, Skin, Cheek, Pink, Toddler, Neck, Photography, Person, Joy
Eyewear, Cartoon, Glasses, Child, Mouth, Photography, Black Hair, Selfie, Illustration, Person
Child, Toddler, Baby & Toddler Clothing, Baby, Skin, Cheek, Thigh, Leg, Finger, Abdomen, Trunk, Swimwear, Baby Products, Person, Headwear
Child, Baby, Pink, Textile, Linens, Beige, Toddler, Peach, Person
Skin, Head, Ear, Child, Hand, Toy, Rabbit, Fawn, Rabbits And Hares
Child, Skin, Baby, Sleep, Interaction, Bedtime, Birth, Toddler, Textile, Pillow, Nap, Room, Linens, Furniture, Love, Bedding, Person, Headwear
Child, Baby, Pink, Toddler, Skin, Cheek, Textile, Pattern, Linens, Baby & Toddler Clothing, Sibling, Person, Headwear
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Child, Baby, Skin, Pink, Nose, Toddler, Cheek, Textile, Linens, Wool, Baby Products, Play, Person
Child, Skin, Baby, Nose, Cheek, Finger, Arm, Toddler, Hand, Neck, Birth, Thumb, Gesture, Ear, Person
Child, Baby, Pink, Toddler, Hair Accessory, Baby & Toddler Clothing, Person
Leg, Child, Joint, Textile, Thigh, Abdomen, Toddler, Sitting, Trunk, Person
Child, Baby, Skin, Cheek, Toddler, Pink, Person
Room, Mirror, Interior Design, Vacation, House, Person, Headwear
Child, Toddler, Baby, Skin, Cheek, Headgear, Ear, Person
Child, Baby, Wool, Crochet, Knitting, Pink, Textile, Woolen, Toddler, Art, Pattern, Person, Headwear