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Allison Rae

2 yo 7 months · Terrell

702nd USA and 16th Texas ranking in the June’s contest which ended 2 years ago.

Mommy and daddy's precious little princess she is so sweet loves rocking with mommy to fall asleep her little smile lights up the room daddy's heart just melts



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Melinda A.
Melinda A. So cute, I love this picture ❤
Margo N.
Margo N. Look at that smile and beautiful precious fsce
Margo N.
Margo N. My great niece friends please vote
Margo N.
Margo N. My cutie beautiful sweet smiling
Karlee S.
Karlee S. My QT PIE
Melinda A.
Melinda A. My little Princess ❤
Charlene K.
Charlene K. precious angel ❤
Tracea B.
Tracea B. Precious angel!! 💚